The Future Of Alkaline Batteries

New Procell Battery paint scheme

Sometimes it seems like the future of better batteries is a little like the promise of flying cars. “They’re coming-They’re almost here-Any day now…”

While development on the high end for things like electric cars continues to move ahead, little seems to filter down to the consumer level.

Rechargeable lithium and nickel cadmium cells are on the market and some are pretty good, but nothing seems to be able to push the old faithful, reliable alkaline cell out of the way.

Alkalines are projected to generate almost $9 billion in sales during eh coming year, so there is obviously a lot of life left in this technology.

There are issues with disposal, but those seem to be outweighed by reliability, predictability and availability.

We’ve offered a quality line of rechargeables for years, but sales remain slow, while alkaline sales continue to show strong growth.

For the forseeable future, it looks like alkaline batteries are here to stay.

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