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Battery Disposal

Alkaline batteries ,this includes all batteries sold by and GoodbuyGuys, can be safely disposed of with normal household waste. An environmentally beneficial and economically feasible recycling process has not yet been developed for alkaline batteries, although Duracell is leading an international battery industry effort to develop such a technology. It is important to recognize that collecting, transporting and disposing of household batteries in a concentrated mass can create safety concerns. Discarded batteries are often not completely “dead.” Concentrating used batteries in a container can bring these “live” batteries into electrical contact with one another, creating a safety risk. Any collection program must be organized to minimize such risk. Until battery recycling becomes a reality, disposing of small quantities of used household batteries (such as alkaline and zinc carbon batteries) with normal waste is far preferable to disposing of concentrated quantities. You should consult with your local civic leaders regarding recycling regulations in your community.

Other Disposal Information

Never dispose of batteries in fire, as they could explode. Remove worn-out batteries from equipment immediately and dispose of promptly. Do not attempt to recharge a battery unless the battery specifically is marked “rechargeable.” Dispose of immediately.

Keep all batteries ,used or new , out of the reach of children. is your source for Procell alkaline batteries from Duracell.
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