All About Duracell Procell Batteries

Procell Batteries From Duracell Are Made With the Same Components And Chemistry As The Duracell Coppertop, But They Are Packaged For High-Volume Users.

Procell batteries are not sold “over the counter” in retail outlets, but rather they are sold by a distribution network that serves a unique group of end users.

You can count on dependable Duracell Procell batteries to offer long lasting power for important battery operated devices used in the workplace. Incorporating the latest in battery technology with advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control, Duracell has improved the performance of Procell batteries. As a result, the Duracell Procell brand has established a reputation for quality and dependability in demanding professional applications.

Procell features include:

Dependable, long lasting power with a 7-year freshness guarantee.

Operates reliably in temperature extremes of -20° C to 54° C

Date coded to guarantee freshness.

Contains no added mercury.

Available in five standard sizes.

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