Procell Battery Alkaline Battery Chemistry


Duracell Procell Batteries From are widely believed to provide the best combination of performance and price available today.

The Procell zinc/potassium hydroxide/manganese dioxide battery system, known as alkaline or Alkaline Manganese Dioxide, is recognized as the best primary zinc anode battery system. It is designed and manufactured for consumer, industrial and military applications where an economical and reliable battery is required.

The major advantages of this composition (compared to the zinc-carbon battery system) are a high energy density; the ability to operate continuously at relatively high discharge rates over a wide temperature range (due to its lower internal resistance); and a shelf life in excess of six years.

The cost of the alkaline battery, on a service life basis, is lowest in medium to high drain applications. This makes Duracell Procell an excellent choice for use in wireless microphones since they perform most efficiently with a battery that has a moderately sloping discharge curve.

The components of the alkaline-manganese battery are a zinc anode, a manganese dioxide cathode, and a highly conductive potassium hydroxide electrolyte. is your source for Procell alkaline batteries from Duracell.
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